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 Do you ship UPS, FedEx or DHL?

If you do, are you auditing each package you ship and your weekly invoice? If not, Automated Systems, Inc. offers an auditing service which provides a transportation management solution as a managed service, providing each client with a custom-designed transportation visibility, freight claims and audit, and transportation event management solution. Our solutions consistently deliver 5% to 20% savings on your small package transportation costs as well as a number of additional benefits including improved customer service and increased control over operations.

How will my company benefit?A Direct Savings of 5 to 10% on Transportation Costs 

Guaranteed Service Refunds: Nearly everything you ship via your small package carrier is guaranteed. We make sure these guarantees are met, or you are entitled to your money back. 

Incorrect Residential Shipments: Many commercial shipments today are incorrectly noted as residential shipments by your carrier. This does not sound like a big issue, however these shipments are assessed a surcharge, and are not subject to any of your contractual discount with that carrier when this happens. We make sure you have visibility over this. 

Manifested not Shipped Errors: We make sure that everything you show as being shipped on your carrier manifest is actually received by the carrier. If not, you are eligible for a refund for these shipments. We make sure that the carrier receives the shipment into their system to initiate the billing and visibility process.

Address Corrections:Address corrections assessed by carriers can be extremely expensive and difficult to correct. We make sure you have visibility over these charges and give you the correct address to ensure it does not happen in the future. 

Rate Shopping Tools: Our solution can rate shop all small package and LTL carriers to ensure you shipments are sent with the right service level and right cost in mind. We can rate shop shipments by delivery time, cost, or both. 

Carrier Rate negotiation Tools:Our solution will give you information to assist with your next carrier contract negotiation. We have several reports that allow you to analyze your shipment characteristics and volume levels to ensure your carrier contracts are structured properly. 

360 degree auditing: Most auditing tools today audit by looking at what you ship, to your freight bill, and review or dispute any exceptions. Our automated auditing solution has the details of all your parcel carrier contracts, which allows you to truly audit your freight bills by comparing what you ship, to the freight bill, to the details agreed upon in you contract. This is truly the only way to effectively audit your freight bills. 

Air vs. Ground Comparison reports:You can look at your air service shipments you selected (next day, two day, three day) and compare it to the ground service level that can maintain the same service commitment, but at a much lower cost. Many customers can then update their routing guides to utilize a ground service level for that customer and still maintain their customer service commitments. 

Proactive exceptions notification: Our solution will proactively notify you of any issues with product that you are shipping. Unlike other auditing tools, which are reactive in nature, our solution notifies you of exceptions before they become significant problems.

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