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multi-carrier manifesting systems

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StarShip Overview StarShip is designed as a client/server system where computer workstations access StarShip´s shipping functionality and data from a central server. StarShip´s modular approach offers a choice in components. This choice allows for scalability from a single workstation to an enterprise level solution.

StarShip™ - Integration The flexibility of StarShip allows your shipping system to be integrated to most business applications.

Integration methods including: • Screen Scraping/Terminal Emulation • Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) • Flat File/Batch Processing • Order Data Processing • Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) • TCP/IP Sockets • UDP/IP Sockets • SAP IDocs • IBM Client Access/Client Express • IBM Data Queues • ActiveX/COM/DCOM • and other methods… Multiple carriers including: • UPS • FedEx Express • FedEx Ground • DHL Express • DHL Ground • USPS • Consolidators • ABF • AFC • BAX Global • Conway • Eagle • Roadway • Yellow Freight • R&L • And virtually any other LTL, TL or Generic Carrier

StarShip - Potential Benefits Lowers Freight Cost Increase customer visibility Scalable Solution Enable complex business rules Print all required shipping documentation Increase personnel interoperability Reduce Overhead Reduce Errors Improved Customer Service Multi Carrier Rate Shopping.